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straightedgesux's Journal

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Straight Edge Sux
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Take Drugs!
Worship Satan!
Don't listen to Emo!

Ignore anyone who tries to stop you.

This is a community devoted to not being "straightedge". It is not about hating people who don't take drugs. On the contrary.

Excluding the curious edgers, or people who joined so that they could ignore this disclaimer and give unfounded flame posts, there are many members who are as sober or as clean as the cleanest "straightedger" out there. And even so, these people would take offense to being labelled as sXe.

Why? Because the majority of people who lead clean lifestyles are perfectly capable of doing so, and getting along perfectly well with people who choose not to do so, without adopting the crutch of a label, a clique, a gang, an image, or whatever you want to call it. This is because being drug free is NOT a movement, and it is NOT a label, it's a CHOICE. The only people that we disagree with are those who draw X's on their hands, call themselves "sXe" and insist on wandering around self-righteously preaching to people who are not like them, like some bizarre cult.

As most members are mostly speaking from experience, it's hardly hypocritical. We endorse and accept people who choose not to take drugs. But any straightedger with a cult-like, condescending, hypocritical, unwelcome, intolerant, self righteous, preacher attitude will not be tolerated.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

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