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i'm doing a sociology project in which i have to write a report about a specific sub-culture or social grouping. The topic i've chosen is the Psychedelic community. If you identify with the psychedelic community, feel free to answer the following questions. Lengthy/anecdotal answers are encouraged. For purposes of this study, any drug may be considered an entheogen. Answer as many as you can!

IP Logging has been disabled in my journal, but anonymous comments will still be initially screened. Please indicate if you wish your response to remain screened. You can respond in my journal by following this

0a. Describe the factors that caused you to identify with the psychedelic community.

0b. Describe any entheogens that you have used more than once and/or would use again, note what you believe is important/beneficial to you personally about each compound.

0c. Describe a typical set/setting in which you use an entheogenic compound. Alone or in a group? Activities? Time of day?

1a. What kinds of behavior and personalities do you associate with the psychedelic community? What assumptions would you have about someone you knew nothing about except their identification with the psychedelic community?

1b. If you use entheogens with a regular group of people, describe any conventions or "rules" that apply inside but not outside the group, or outside but not inside.

2a. Describe any changes in your thinking about religion since your exposure to entheogens.

2b. Describe any changes in your thinking about your government since your exposure to entheogens.

2c. Describe any changes in your thinking relevant to anything else since your exposure to entheogens, especially patterns of thought that were the result of any kind of indoctrination (school, military, church, etc).

3a. Describe the qualities, characteristics, or actions of someone assigned any special social status in your psychedelic community.

3b. What expectations would you or a group have for someone supplying entheogenic compounds?

3c. Does your community (circle of friends, etc.) have a "group medic" vis a vis psychedelic experiences? If so, describe them (nothing personally identifying, please).

4a. How do you feel about the police?

4b. How tolerant are the people around you about your interest in entheogens? Do you feel free to discuss psychedelic concepts openly or only with trusted friends?

4c. To what extent (if any) do you feel that your involvement with the psychedelic community is "at odds" with other communities (work, school, etc) you participate in?

5a. Describe any changes in how you relate to people that you would attribute to entheogen use or your identification with the psychedelic community.

5b. Describe any differences you perceive between "psychedelic" people and "non-psychedelic" people.

5c. Define "Psychedelic community".

I. List authors you would describe as "psychedelic" (and what about them makes them so)

II. List music you would describe as "psychedelic" (and what about them makes them so)

III. List movies you would describe as "psychedelic" (and what about them makes them so)

Finally, feel free to add anything you think is relevant about the psychedelic community.
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